We’ve Been Very Focused On Which Character Bridgerton Season 4 Will Follow, But Lady Danbury Actress Adjoa Andoh Has An A+ Idea I Hadn’t Thought Of

We’ve Been Very Focused On Which Character Bridgerton Season 4 Will Follow, But Lady Danbury Actress Adjoa Andoh Has An A+ Idea I Hadn’t Thought Of

Bridgerton Season 3 has ended, and with it came the conclusion of Penelope and Colin's love story. While there have been lines of dialogue that could give us clues as to who the Season 4 lead will be, we're also super invested in the continuation of various side plots, like Lady Danbury's story. It turns out that Lady Danbury's actress, Adjoa Andoh, is too, and she has an idea of where she wants her character to go next – and it makes me even more excited, because I truly didn't think of it.

Now that it's time to look towards the future and get excited for what's to come on Bridgerton! While I loved the budding relationship between John and Francesca (which looks like it might change soon), and I am eagerly awaiting Benedict's adventures, there's another character that deserves their "time in the sun" – and that's Lady Danbury.

I had the chance to speak to the impeccable actress behind the Lady Danbury, Adjoa Andoh, and she opened up about her hopes for her character. When asked what she would want the show to explore next, her answer was simple: she desires romance and learning how to "accommodate somebody else" when all her life she's focused on protecting herself and others:

Romance. A lot of fans come up to me and they're like, 'When's Lady Danbury going to have her moment in that particular sun?' For me, I would say that I think that would be super interesting. Because here, you have a woman who has got her life in order. It's structured. It's secure. She has power. She has style. She has authority, blah, blah, blah. What happens if she encounters someone – man or woman, I don't care – interesting, who wants to engage with her? How do you open a space? And I think this is a conversation that lots of women in positions of power have. How do you open the heart space into your constructed life to accommodate somebody else? What does that do to you? How does that impact your sense of yourself? So I would be really interested to explore that.

In the world of this regency romance and considering all the fantastic Bridgerton characters we have to follow, we see new love stories flourishing all the time. But Andoh does have a point – romance, for Lady Danbury, has pretty much been non-existent.

The only time we truly see Lady Danbury happy when it comes to romance is when she sleeps with Violet's father in Queen Charlotte, but other than that, she hasn't opened herself up to the idea. Even Violet herself is developing something with Marcus – Lady Danbury's brother, a relationship I am enthralled by in Bridgerton.

And while Colin and Penelope were "something special," and the two other seasons have plenty of romantic tropes to go along with their stories, there would be something so fascinating about Lady Dabury's potential romance. Adjoa Andoh even said that she believes it would be "scary" for Agatha to give up some of that power, which is what would make a potential romance with her all that more enthralling:

I think it might be a bit scary to give up some of that power. When you've had utter independence for a long time, that can be quite hard, I think, and especially for women. It's so hard. I know so many amazing dynamic women who are not in a relationship because it's like they've had to trade it off. So to try and hold onto that dynamism and that independence and navigate a relationship, I think that's a super interesting conversation.

Lady Danbury – as well as Adjoa Andoh – has been a constant in the Bridgerton cast since Season 1 of the show, and she was even a part of the Queen Charlotte cast as well. So, there's little to no doubt that she'll be back for Season 4. However, I, too, am now asking the question: When will Lady Danbury get the love she's always deserved? Only time will tell – and I will certainly be there to enjoy every bit of it if it happens.

While we wait for that to hopefully happen, you can go back and watch Lady Danbury's story unfold by streaming Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte with a Netflix subscription.