'Weirdly, A Lot Of My Fans Are Men': Sydney Sweeney Has All The Jokes Ahead Of Her SNL Debut

'Weirdly, A Lot Of My Fans Are Men': Sydney Sweeney Has All The Jokes Ahead Of Her SNL Debut

Saturday Night Live is off to an electric 49th season. The sketch comedy has boasted a number of exciting hosts like Jacob Elordi and Emma Stone, and NBC's mainstay has already announced upcoming SNL hosts like Josh Brolin and Sydney Sweeney. The Euphoria star will be making her hosting debut this weekend with musical guest Kasey Musgraves, and she is already hard at work with her hosting obligations. A recent promo for the episode shows Sweeney making jokes about her male fanbase, giving a hilarious sneak peak of what’s to come. 

After photos of Sweeney from the SNL table read were released, fans started to get excited for what the writers have in store for the Anyone But You actress. The show has already released some promos with the actress, including one where she awkwardly snubs cast member Michael Longfellow.

The most recent SNL promo shows her next to Musgraves and Heidi Gardner, who makes a comment about the female audience the episode will likely attract. Sydney responds with a joke about how her fanbase is mostly skewed male, saying: 

Yeah? Weirdly a lot of my fans are men.

The joke is a self-aware reference to Sydney Sweeney’s status as a sex symbol. Many of her roles have required nudity like Euphoria, and her other roles in Anyone By You and The White Lotus have been sexualized. While some actresses may have fought against what could be perceived as “objectification,” Sweeney has opened up about finding the position empowering. She has talked a lot about her journey with body positivity, and getting comfortable with her public perception. 

The tide has certainly turned over the years for what is seen as “respectable” and many actresses like Sweeney have embraced nudity over the years. Emma Stone’s bold performance in Poor Things this year required nudity and a large number of sex scenes, and Jennifer Lawrence bared all for a comic scene in this year’s No Hard Feelings. Some actresses still shy away from physically vulnerable scenes like these, but it’s nice to see some of our biggest stars using it as a way to embrace their femininity and tell their stories in an artful way. 

It’s also cool to see Sweeney have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and her predominantly male audience. She clearly isn’t afraid to make a joke at her own expense, and being a good sport is essential to successfully hosting SNL. However, she is facing one of her biggest fears with the hosting gig, as the Reality actress admittedly suffers from stage fright. Taking on the job regardless is a step to facing her own fears, and hopefully men AND women tune in to watch Sweeney take center stage Saturday night. 

Check out the new promo below!

Saturday Night Live will air on NBC this Saturday at 11:30 pm with Sydney Sweeney hosting. She will be using the show to promote her latest film Immaculate, as the upcoming horror flick is set to hit theaters on March 22nd. Fans of the sketch show can also watch previous episodes of the SNL with a Peacock subscription, which also will be airing Sweeney’s episode live.