Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Engaged Amid Her Health Crisis

Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Engaged Amid Her Health Crisis

Celebrity talk show host Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, is currently engaged to his longtime mistress Sharina Hudson.

This news was confirmed by Page Six after a source revealed that the diamond rock spotted on Hudson’s finger since April 2020 cost a whopping $80,000.

Although the exact date of the proposal has not been made public, the reports of the scandalous incident came to light while Williams was struggling with health problems.

Wendy Williams Called Hunter A Serial Cheater 

Wendy Williams' Ex-husband Kevin Hunter smilingInstagram/therealkelvinhunter

Given that a mistress is in the picture, it is not surprising to learn that the TV personality’s marriage to Hunter was not exactly a happy one.

Earlier in January, the “Hold Me In Contempt” author dropped heartbreaking details about her ex-husband’s numerous cases of infidelity.

The 57-year-old described the TV producer as a “serial cheater,” whose lower half couldn’t be satisfied by one woman. The unfaithful husband also played around while Williams was pregnant with their son, Hunter Jr.

However, Hudson was a different case as “The Wendy Williams Experience” host confessed that her ex’s longest illicit relationship was with the massage therapist.

This affair ultimately led to the former couple’s separation after 22 years together. The “Think Like A Man” star filed for divorce after the young mistress gave birth to Hunter’s child in 2019.

At the time, her ex-husband publicly apologized for his shameful actions, but given the recent reports, it is safe to say that he no longer regrets his relationship with Hudson. 

The “Queen Of Media” Star’s Health Issues

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Last month, The Blast shared that the entertainer had been hospitalized a day after the production company of “The Wendy Williams Show” announced the host was suffering from COVID-19. 

The company’s Instagram account statement revealed that Williams would be staying in quarantine to regain her health. Therefore the production of the show’s 13th season was postponed. 

The situation took a different turn when a woman matching the TV personality’s description was reportedly rushed to the hospital for “psychiatric services.”

The woman was eventually confirmed as the “Hold Me In Contempt” author by a source, who claimed the 57-year-old was emotionally unstable.

The mother-of-one has allegedly been having a hard time dealing with her divorce, the death of her mother, and living alone without many friends to turn to for help.

More Health Complications For The Talk Show Host

Wendy Williams in a Leopard Print dressWendy Williams in a Leopard Print dressMEGA

This October, The Blast reported that Williams would not be returning as the host of her talk show for some time due to her health problems. 

The news came via a statement issued by the show’s production company. They explained that the 57-year-old’s extended absence was due to complications from a thyroid condition known as Graves’ Disease.

The company admitted that Williams had been a treasured member of their family for 12 years, which was why they prioritized her health.

In place of the TV personality, guest hosts will continue the show until the entertainer can return to her famous purple chair.