What Major Network TV Shows Still Need To Be Canceled Or Renewed?

What Major Network TV Shows Still Need To Be Canceled Or Renewed?

We’ve officially reached a stretch of the TV season that includes a considerable amount of uncertainty. That’s right, it’s renewal/cancelation time, during which the major networks truly start plotting out their lineups for the upcoming fall season. At this point, a number of series have received the greenlight and will return. And, on the other hand, there are plenty of shows that have been canceled or are ending in 2024. There’s a third category that needs to be acknowledged as well, and it’s made up of programs that have yet to receive a decision either way. So which ones haven’t been given the thumbs up or down? Well, let’s break it all down by network and talk about it, shall we?


The Alphabet Network has already made a number of shrewd decisions on both ends of the spectrum, but there are still some outliers. For instance, fan-favorite sitcom The Conners has yet to officially be axed or picked up for another season. That’s a bit surprising, given how the Roseanne spinoff has become a key part of the company’s roster of comedic programming. It’s not the only show sitting in purgatory, as Not Dead Yet – which is currently in its second season, is there as well. Considering that crunch time is coming, decisions should be handed down sooner rather than later.

Fans of the two series may be sweating a little right now and, all the while, devotees of others can breathe a bit easier. In terms of returning series, 9-1-1 was renewed for Season 8, and The Rookie Season 7 is a go as well. Grey’s Anatomy was among big shows renewed, and that decision resulted in the medical drama’s 21st season. Only time will tell whether the two aforementioned comedies will be added to the 2024-2025 schedule.


Likewise, Fox has also renewed a number of shows, including stalwart programs like the Family Guy and The Simpsons and live-action comedy Animal Control. Those that haven’t been decided upon yet include drama series Accused, The Cleaning Lady and Alert: Missing Persons Unit. For all of the animated fare that’s been given the green light, one title that still has an uncertain future is The Great North, which premiered in 2021. It’s currently hard to say whether the network will budge when it comes to giving these shows additional seasons. And, based on the glut of adult toons on the schedule for the fall, I’d say that TGN’s position is looking relatively tight. 


Many may be pleased to know that the One Chicago shows, Found, The Irrational and most of the Law & Order spinoffs are set to return in the fall. On that note though, the Christopher Meloni-led L&O: Organized Crime has yet to secure a fourth-season renewal. Aside from that, comedies are what make up the rest of NBC’s list of yet-to-be-renewed/canceled titles. There’s George Lopez’s Lopez vs. Lopez and the Night Court revival – both of which are heading towards the end of their respective second seasons. Finally, there’s also freshman comedy Extended Family, which notably features Jon Cryer, Donald Faison and Abigail Spencer.


The Eye Network has really been cleaning house as of late, with comedies like Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola and dramas such as Blue Bloods and CSI: Vegas heading out the door. Two-season sitcom So Help Me Todd was also axed. Nevertheless, most of the NCIS shows remain along with the likes of the FBI spinoffs, Fire Country, Ghosts and Elsbeth. Heck, even S.W.A.T. was un-canceled.

But what about the shows that are still on the bubble? Well, in that case, we’re talking about two key dramas – NCIS: Hawai’i and The Equalizer. Both have been steady performers over the past few years, so it’s definitely possible that they could be picked up again. However, reports indicate that major changes could hit Hawai’i behind the scenes (specifically budget cuts) should it return for Season 4. 

The CW

Some of us may still be reeling from the cancellation bloodbath that hit The CW around this time last year. And, based on the fact that (as of this writing) Sullivan’s Crossing is the only show that’s been officially renewed, more changes could come. Decisions have yet to be made regarding drama series Walker and Wild Cards as well as long-running show All American and its spinoff, All American: Homecoming. Also, Sight Unseen – a Canadian production like WC – has also yet to be renewed or axed. 

All in all, there are definitely still plenty of programs that are currently sitting in limbo. Sadly, not all of these shows will likely make the cut for the 2024-2025 season. That’s part of the business, though and, if you’re like me, you’ll be waiting anxiously to see what ultimately stays and what goes. In the meantime, check out the 2024 TV schedule for information on series that are airing or will in the near future.