When Can I Watch I Kissed A Girl? Everything We Know – Casting, Filming, And More

When Can I Watch I Kissed A Girl? Everything We Know – Casting, Filming, And More

The UK's first ever gay dating show, I Kissed a Boy was a resounding success – and now it's been greenlit for a second run. Here come the girls...

Receiving glowing reviews from the likes of The Guardian, Attitude, and the Gay Times, I Kissed a Boy was praised for its diverse and wholesome exploration of the queer experience. 

While the viewing figures aren't out for the BBC reality show as of yet, the fact the spin-off show, I Kissed a Girl, has been announced is a pretty strong indicator that the evolution of the otherwise straight and overtly polished dating show formula might be on the way out. In fact, the number of those who chose to tune in to watch Love Island UK Season 10's launch dropped by a million viewers in comparison to prior seasons, as reported by the BBC.

Either way, if you were a fan of I Kissed a Boy (and if you haven’t seen it yet you can find out how to watch I Kissed a Boy with our guide) , you’ll likely be delighted to hear a lesbian spin-off is on the horizon. Revealed after the show’s penultimate episode, Dannii Minogue is confirmed to be playing Cupid once again.

After showing love truly is for everyone with I Kissed A Boy, I am thrilled to have the chance to be Cupid again for girls in this second series. I’m so excited to see if we can find more connections, chemistry and hopefully love sealed with a kiss.

Dannii Minogue

Whether or not it was intentional, every guy, gal, and non-binary pal will have had the Katy Perry song stuck in their head since the first murmurs of I Kissed a Boy were circulating.

Now returning to its original and provocative lyrical genius, I Kissed a Girl is on the way, with ten single girls matching up and sealing their first interaction with a kiss in the ultimate chemistry test. Let's hope they like it.

We've brought together all the information there is to know about the lesbian dating show spin-off below, including when the show will begin filming, predictions on when it'll air, and more.

Everything We Currently Know About I Kissed A Girl

I Kissed a Girl title image

(Image credit: BBC)

When will I Kissed a Girl be filmed?

Currently I Kissed a Girl is in pre-production with applications open to queer women looking for love. Women can sign up and take part in the dating show through the BBC website, which also gives some clues of when we might be able to expect I Kissed a Girl to arrive on our screens.

The website states that applications will close on August 7, with applicants needing to be free to travel in September 2023. Unless timelines get pushed back, it's likely filming will start then.

How many episodes of I Kissed a Girl will there be?

In the grand scheme of reality dating shows, like Love Island, where new episodes air daily for eight long weeks, I Kissed a Boy was short but sweet. Staggering the release of episodes across four weeks, I Kissed a Boy was just eight episodes long, plus the "Reunion" episode.

However, in the official press release for I Kissed a Girl, it was confirmed for a "bumper ten part series". This includes its special reunion episode.

When and where can I watch I Kissed a Girl?

With I Kissed a Girl due to start filming in September 2023, it could be as many as eight months before the show sees the light of day. That is if it follows the same schedule as I Kissed a Boy, with the boys revealing that was the time between shooting the show and filming the reunion episode.

However, given the popularity of I Kissed a Boy, which reached 500,000 views in its first seven days across platforms, we imagine the BBC may want to expedite the production while the appetite and hype is still going strong.

When it does air, you can expect to catch new episodes on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Is there going to be a second season of I Kissed a Boy?

While I Kissed a Girl has been reported as a spin-off, it appears as though the lesbian dating show is also what news outlets are referring to when talking about I Kissed a Boy being renewed for a second season. Currently, then, the I Kissed a Girl iteration seems to be the only show in the works right now. If success for the new, inclusive franchise continues though, we could expect to see a new group of boys arriving in the masseria once again.