Wild Godzilla X Kong Video Sees The Titans Working Together In An Epic Way

Wild Godzilla X Kong Video Sees The Titans Working Together In An Epic Way

Of all the movies on the 2024 release schedule, there is one that means more than any other for a certain type of fan. The next movie in Legendary’s MonsterVerse is coming, and it will hopefully up the ante from the massive showdown between Godzilla and Kong that took place during the Godzilla vs. Kong ending. How do you do that? By having the two massive kaiji team up to battle something even bigger and scarier. How well Godzilla and Kong will work as a team remains to be seen, but a new clip shows an incredible moment of teamwork that is almost sure to get fans cheering. Kong riding Godzilla into battle. 

The clip, provided by Rotten Tomatoes, is part of a bunch of disjointed moments from Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. They mostly show Kong fighting the movie’s big bad, who we know is named Skar King. The two are doing a lot of damage beating the hell out of each other, which is what leads to Godzilla joining the fight because Kong can’t beat him alone. Near the end, we see a shot that we’ve seen before of Godzilla and Kong running side-by-side, but this time it continues for a couple of extra seconds revealing Kong using Godzilla as his battle mount. Check it out.

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Ok, I’m not gonna lie; this is pretty amazing. If you’re any sort of kaiju fan, then watching Kong ride Godzilla has to scratch an itch in your lizard brain that you didn’t even know you had. This is something we all needed decades ago. 

Traditionally, as big as Kong is, Godzilla is even larger – though the current MonsterVerse has made Kong almost as big so that a fight between the two of them didn’t look like a complete mismatch. Godzilla must be at least a bit bigger than Kong if it makes sense for him to ride the kaiju into the fight, however.

The two title characters, and the villain aren’t the only giant monsters we’re hoping will appear in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. There is some information to suggest we might see Mothra, whom we haven’t seen since Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Godzilla x Kong has some major shoes to fill right now. We just came off what may be the best Godzilla movie ever with Godzilla Minus One, and while I think we can go ahead and say right now that The New Empire isn’t going to match that film’s compelling human story, the Godzilla x Kong cast is still solid, and the movie might be able to give us even more impressive monster destruction and action.  While Godzilla Minus One might have been a deeply emotional film, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire looks like it’s simply going to be a heck of a lot of fun.  The Godzilla x Kong release date is set for March 29.