Would Spider-Man’s Kirsten Dunst Do A Fourth Movie With Tobey Maguire? Here’s Her Honest Thoughts

Would Spider-Man’s Kirsten Dunst Do A Fourth Movie With Tobey Maguire? Here’s Her Honest Thoughts

It's no secret that superhero projects are everywhere, with various studios creating their own cinematic universe. But before fans spent years watching the Marvel movies in order, there was Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. After all three Spider-Men united for No Way Home, fans have been wanting to see new sequels from the previous two franchises. But would Kirsten Dunst be down for Spider-Man 3 with Tobey Maguire? Here's the latest from the acclaimed actress.

Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane Watson in all three of Raimi's movies (which can be streamed with a Disney+ subscription), and had killer chemistry with Tobey Maguire... even during their gross upside down kiss. Fans want to see one of the upcoming Marvel movies end up being a new sequel for the Raimi-verse. While Dunst would have returned for Spider-Man: No Way Home, does she want Spider-Man 4 to happen? She recently spoke to IndieWire about this concept, offering: 

I don’t think we need that. I don’t know. It was so long ago. I just don’t know how they would, what the story would be. I don’t know. It seems like … I don’t know! It would really depend on the script, and also, I don’t know, you’re really putting yourself out there in a way that … let’s maybe leave things when they were good. You know what I mean?

Well, there you have it. While Kirsten Dunst would do another superhero movie for the money, she's not sure that a fourth Spider-Man movie is the move. After all, the trilogy ended back in 2007, so it's been well over a decade since she portrayed Mary Jane Watson. And now audiences are used to seeing Tom Holland and Zendaya as Peter and MJ. 

Despite Dunst's comments, there are still plenty of moviegoer who would like to see Sam Raimi's cancelled Spider-Man 4 finally arrive in theaters... especially after the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home

For his part, Raimi has also heard the rumors about Spider-Man 4 happening at Marvel. He denied any talks happening for him to return in this capacity, despite recently returning to the genre with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Still, smart money says fans are going to keep crossing their fingers to see the OG live-action Peter Parker and MJ Watson back on the big screen for another web swinging adventure.

Of course, fans don't only want to see another Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. After Andrew Garfield's acclaimed performance in No Way Home, moviegoers also want to see another Amazing Spider-Man flick come to fruition. We'll just have to wait and see what the studio has up their sleeve, and if/when Tom Holland will return to the role.

The next Marvel movie hitting theaters is Deadpool & Wolverine on July 26th. In the meantime, check the 2024 movie release dates