X-Men ’97’s Lenore Zann And Director Jake Castorena Preview What’s Next For Rogue Following Latest Episode: 'The Beginning Of Her Real Journey'

X-Men ’97’s Lenore Zann And Director Jake Castorena Preview What’s Next For Rogue Following Latest Episode: 'The Beginning Of Her Real Journey'

Warning: SPOILERS for the X-Men ’97 episode “Remember It” are ahead!

Critics had already warmly embraced X-Men ’97 when it premiered a few weeks ago, but the Marvel TV show’s latest episode is on a whole other level. “Remember It” was packed with devastation and destruction, including deaths of Magneto and Gambit. It was such a big deal that Beau DeMayo, X-Men ’97’s former showrunner, went on social media to talk about the episode. Now, Rogue voice actress Lenore Zann and head director Jake Castorena have previewed for CinemaBlend what’s ahead for Rogue following these game-changing events.

I had the pleasure of speaking with both Zann and Castorena in separate interviews following the premiere of “Remember It” to Disney+ subscribers. During my conversation with Zann, which also included Gambit voice actor A.J. LoCascio and saw both of them sharing their reactions to the tragic twist, I wanted to know where Rogue goes from here after she witnessed Magneto and Gambit being killed by that Wild Sentinel within minutes of each other, and that’s on top of all the Genoshan citizens who were murdered. The actress responded:

Well, let me put it this way. I look at this as a microcosm of the macrocosm. What’s happening in the world today is we are witnessing similar scenes to what Rogue and the others are witnessing in the devastation of Genosha, and it’s overwhelming. Many people react with anger, some react with feat, some just get numb and shocked. They’re paralyzed, they feel they can’t do anything. And then some people rise to the challenge to try and change things and rectify the situation. So without giving any spoilers, I will say this: Rogue is just at the beginning of her real journey, and you better buckle up!

Even before the Wild Sentinel showed up on Genosha, “Remember It” was an emotional rollercoaster for Rogue, as she was courted by Magneto to rule the mutant nation alongside him as her queen, and she initially agreed to this. From her perspective, not being able to touch Gambit skin-to-skin was finally too much for her, whereas that wasn’t a problem with Magneto because of his powers. However, during the Genosha inauguration gala, Rogue turned down Magneto’s proposal and decided to go back to Gambit. Unfortunately, the Ragin’ Cajun never learned about her decision before he sacrificed his life to blow up the Sentinel.

Seeing such events unfold would be traumatic for anyone, but as Lenore Zann laid out, this will lead to Rogue embarking on her “real journey” in the latter half of X-Men ’97 Season 1. As for Jake Castorena, when I asked him about what’s ahead for Rogue after “Remember It,” he broadened his answer to talk about how the massacre on Genosha will impact not just her, but the entire X-Men team:

Exactly that, what does that do to Rogue? It’s something that’s been brought up in the writers room, it’s something that Beau [DeMayo] brought up a lot when discussing both the words and visuals and getting the show going, it always has to tie back to, what happens when the X-Men have to genuinely understand from their perspective what Trask says in Episode 101, the first episode. “You have no idea what it’s like to be left behind by the future.’ What happens when the X-Men are faced with that? Not only are they faced with that, but on a scale that they’re faced with it. Mass genocide, man! How do you respond to that?

These are worthwhile questions to ask. While the X-Men themselves and viewers were especially gutted by the loss of Magneto and Gambit, the fact of the matter is that this attack on Genosha is going to have worldwide implications. As if mutants didn’t already have a tough enough time, now they’re having to contend with genocide. It remains to be seen who sent the Wild Sentinel to Genosha, but perhaps this next chapter of Rogue’s story will entail her finding the culprit.

There are five episodes left in X-Men ’97 Season 1, but the good news is Season 2 is already well underway on Season 2, and Season 3 is in development. There’s a lot more coverage to come from us on what’s become one of the best Disney+ TV shows, so keep your eyes peeled on CinemaBlend.