Zendaya Rocked A Corset Dress Before Corsets Were Cool Again, But Revealed She Nearly Missed Getting To Take Red Carpet Pictures Of The Iconic Look

Zendaya Rocked A Corset Dress Before Corsets Were Cool Again, But Revealed She Nearly Missed Getting To Take Red Carpet Pictures Of The Iconic Look

Zendaya’s beauty and alluring fashion taste shine in every red carpet appearance she makes. Just this month, all eyes were on the 27-year-old when she walked the Dune 2 red carpet wearing a C-3PO-esque look. Looking back at her iconic fashions, the Challengers actress talks about the time she brought back the corset look with her Emmys red carpet look, but almost missed the chance for photo ops.

It was no surprise that in 2022, Zendaya was number one in the top 20 most fashionable celebs rocking it out with her Versace gown at the 2018 Met Gala and her various movie premiere looks. The Euphoria actress may not have been nominated at the 71st Emmys, but she still killed the red carpet bringing corsets back before they were cool again. 

Zendaya’s 2019 Emmy Awards red carpet look was a green one-shoulder asymmetrical corseted gown made by Vera Wang. It was like she was already channeling the superhero genre looking like Batman and Robin’s Uma Thurman when she played Poison Ivy. Take a look at the gorgeous official photo of Zendaya at her first Emmys below:

Zendaya attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

(Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Doesn't she look stunning? When reflecting on her iconic fashion looks, Zendaya told Harper’s BAZAAR how much she loved the green dress combination with her temporary red hair. If you can believe it, this unbelievable style was almost without red carpet photos and the former Disney Channel star explained why:

Also, fun fact, I almost missed the red carpet. It was closed. Do you remember that? It was closed and they were like, 'You can't take pictures, you can't, the red carpet is closed.' I said, 'Oh, I'm taking pictures in this dress.' All right, (laughs) I feel good. I feel confident. I got my red hair. Okay, I got a nice green dress and I'm gonna get a picture in this outfit.

I don’t blame the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress. If I wore an outfit that made me feel like a queen, I’d want to show it off to the world too. But with all of the spunk and determination this young actress has, there was no way Zendaya was gonna let a closed red carpet rain on her Emmys parade. Here’s how the Golden Globe winner was able to make those red carpet photos happen:

I kind of snuck onto this little side red carpet that was kind of hidden and there was a couple photographers that knew me and I was like, just went over there and I was like, got my picture (laughs) and I left. So my background looks different from everyone else's 'cause I wasn't on the main red carpet. I was on a side thing that I just was like, I'm getting pictures, I'm getting this outfit. I feel good. I feel good tonight.

What a sneaky yet clever move to get your picture taken! With that corseted green gown looking as stylish as ever on the future two-time Emmy winner, it’s a photo opportunity no photographer should ever want to miss. It was pleasing to the cameras and eyes of fans who got the pleasure of seeing these glamorous pictures.

Zendaya may have missed the chance for official red carpet photos at the 71st Emmy Awards, but she was able to sneak her way into some side photos that allowed the whole world to see her corseted green Vera Wang gown. I'm sure she's very fortunate her first Emmys look wasn't passed over. Make sure to see the fashion icon’s 2024 movie release of Dune 2 playing in theaters now.