Tom Brady Hopeful Gisele Bündchen Will Attend Buccaneers First Home Game

Tom Brady Hopeful Gisele Bündchen Will Attend Buccaneers First Home Game

Tom Brady remains ever hopeful that things between him and Gisele Bündchen will smoothen out. And Sunday’s game will be the test of that desire!

Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers team are set to have their first home game of the season on Sunday, and the renowned quarterback hopes that his wife will be present in the stands cheering him on.

Tom Brady Desires Gisele Bündchen’s Presence At First Home Game

On Sunday, September 25, the Buccaneers will be meeting the Green Bay Packers at the Raymond James Stadium for their first home game of the 23rd NFL season. For the monumental game, Brady and the team reportedly have one wish — for Bündchen to be in attendance.

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A source told Page Six about the athlete’s desire, “Gisele mostly only attends home games. Tom and his team are hopeful she will be back in the family box with their kids for the Packers game this Sunday.”

The insider added, “Gisele has left Tom in the past during arguments but always returned once things cooled down. They are talking, but mostly about the kids at the moment. But Tom hopes they will reconcile.”

The couple of 13 years has been plagued with marital woes after news first surfaced in early September that the Brazilian model was unhappy with her husband’s decision to unretire. Ever since Bündchen and Brady have made headlines with reports that their marriage is on the brink of being destroyed.

The lovebirds are reportedly no longer living together and the “Taxi” actress was spotted in New York City last week without Brady by her side.

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Star Didn’t Attend Husband’s First Game

It comes as no surprise that Brady and the Buccaneers team are desperate to have Bündchen around, given that she wasn’t around for the first game of the season on September 11.

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As previously covered, before the big game, a Buccaneers’ source shared that there were no preparations in place to receive her. “It’s always a big thing when Gisele is coming to watch the game, but as of right now, there’s none of that for Sunday’s game,” said the insider.

The source noted that things are “very different this year” as regards planning for her because usually there’s extra security and extra snacks on ground but that wasn’t the case ahead of the first game.

The insider added that Brady teammates are aware of the “tension” between the quarterback and his wife and as a result, they have not brought up the topic around him.

The Buccaneers emerged victorious in their first game defeating the Dallas Cowboys 19-3 while Brady broke the record to become the first 45-year-old starting quarterback in NFL history. However, while Bündchen wasn’t around to witness all that, she sent her support to her husband and her team.

As The Blast covered, in a tweet, the mother-of-two cheered her man on, writing, “Let’s go @TomBrady! Let’s go Bucs ✨✨✨.”

Brady Had An Outburst At Bucs VS Saints Game

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Brady’s desire for Bündchen’s presence at his upcoming game comes after he made headlines for unruly behavior at the Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints game on September 18. During the tense match which eventually ended with the Bucs winning, Brady let his anger get the best of him.

The former New England Patriots player three and broke a tablet on the sideline out of frustration when the Saints were up at halftime. After the game, the San Mateo native issued an apology for his behavior via a video on social media.

“Great win to get to 2-0. Sorry for breaking that tablet,” he said while smiling. “I think that’s going to be another Twitter meme or something like that.”

On Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM podcast, the recognized football player touched on the topic some more, admitting that he lost control of his emotions. In his words, “I’ve got to be really mindful of that going forward and getting my emotions in a good place, so it allows me to be the best player I can be.”

He noted that being “poised” was an important part of playing the game and he didn’t perform well. However, Brady noted he had to “find a better place to be at, so I can be at a better place for my teammates.”